District Court Rules
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District Court Rules

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Order 1: Sittings
Order 2: Adjournment of proceedings and of the court
Order 3: Language
Order 4: Mode of address
Order 5: Judges’ robes
Order 6: Right of audience
Order 7: Minors and other persons under disability
Order 8: Tendering of evidence
Order 9: Affidavits
Order 10: Service of documents in criminal proceedings
Order 11: Service out of the jurisdiction
Order 12: Miscellaneous provisions
Order 12A: Funds in court
Order 12B: Recording of Proceedings
Order 13: Venue
Order 14: Admission to court and publication of proceedings
Order 15: Issue of summonses alleging offences
Order 16: Issue of warrants charging offences
Order 17: Procedure on arrest
Order 18: Procedure on admitting to bail
Order 19: Remands by the court
Order 20: Arrest of persons in contravention of conditions of bail recognisances
Order 21: Attendance of witnesses and securing evidence
Order 22: Procedure on accused’s failure to appear
Order 23: Trial of summary offences
Order 23A: Criminal Law (Insanity) Act, 2006
Order 24: Proceedings relating to indictable offences
Order 25: Issue of warrants in execution of court orders
Order 26: Endorsement, addressing, execution and re-issue of warrants
Order 27: Estreatment of recognisances — forfeiture of money lodged
Order 28: Recognisances under the Probation of Offenders Act, 1907
Order 28A: Proceedings under Part 10 of the Criminal Justice Act, 2006
Order 29: Extradition
Order 30: Community service
Order 31: Proceedings Under — Criminal Justice Act, 1984 — Criminal Justice Act, 2006, Section 5 — International Criminal Court Act, 2006, Sections 50 and 50A — Criminal Justice (Mutual Assistance) Act, 2008, Sections 79, 79A and 79B — Criminal Procedure
Order 31A: Proceedings under the Police (Property) Act, 1897
Order 31B: Seizure without warrant, delivery up, forfeiture, disposal and applications for return in intellectual property cases
Order 32: Misuse of drugs
Order 33: Compensation orders
Order 34: Miscellaneous search warrants
Order 34A: Criminal Justice (Surveillance) Act, 2009
Order 35: Certified copies of orders and of other documents
Order 36: Costs and witnesses’ expenses
Order 37: Proceedings involving children or young persons
Order 38: Miscellaneous matters
Order 39: Civil Proceedings: General Rules
Order 39A
Order 40: Beginning Civil Proceedings in the Court
Order 40A: Personal Injuries Proceedings
Order 40B: Landlord and Tenant Proceedings (Ejectment)
Order 40C: Procedure in Statutory Applications by Notice of Application
Order 40D: Procedure in Statutory Appeals by Notice of Appeal to the Court
Order 40E: Proceedings begun by the Issue of a Summons in Matters other than Criminal Matters
Order 41: Service of documents in the state
Order 41A: Service of Documents Outside the State with the Permission of the Court
Order 41B: Service of Documents Outside the State without the Permission of the Court
Order 42: Defence, Particulars and Counterclaim
Order 42A: Third Party Procedure
Order 43: Joining Claims and Parties
Order 44: Applications by notice of motion
Order 45: Lodgments and Tenders In Lieu of Lodgment
Order 45A: Security for costs
Order 45B: Discovery and Inspection of Documents
Order 45C: Application to have a claim forwarded to the Circuit Court or to the High Court
Order 45D: Admissions
Order 45E: Amendment
Order 46: Attendance of witnesses and production of documents
Order 46A
Order 46B
Order 46C
Order 47: Judgment in Default in Debt Claims
Order 47A: Judgment in Default in Non-Debt Claims
Order 47B: Discontinuance and Withdrawal
Order 48: Authentication and filing of documents
Order 49: Hearing of civil proceedings
Order 49A: Case management
Order 49B: Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution
Order 50: Affidavits in civil proceedings
Order 51: Execution and enforcement of judgments
Order 51A: Enforcement of judgments and orders
Order 51B: Interpleader
Order 51C: European enforcement orders
Order 52: European Account Preservation Order
Order 53: Costs
Order 53A: Small claims procedure
Order 53B: European small claims procedure (for cross-border small claims within the European union)
Order 53C
Order 54: Maintenance of spouses and children
Order 54A: Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act, 2010
Order 55
Order 56: Attachment of earnings
Order 57: Proceedings Under: Section 8 of the Enforcement of Court Orders Act, 1940; Section 9A of the Family Law (Maintenance of Spouses and Children) Act, 1976; Section 52A of the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act,
Order 58: Custody and guardianship of children
Order 59: Domestic violence
Order 60: Protection of the family home
Order 61: Use of blood tests in determining parentage
Order 61A: Section 40 Civil Liability and Courts Act, 2004
Order 62
Order 63: Auctioneers and house agents
Order 64: Betting Act, 1931
Order 65: Fisheries
Order 66: Gaming and Lotteries
Order 67: General dealers
Order 68: Licensing Acts, 1833 to 2018; Certificates for spirit retailers’ licences, beer retailers’ licences, wine retailers’ licences, wholesale beer licences, producer’s retail licences; Declarations of fitness under section 15 of the Intoxicating Liqu
Order 69: Restaurant certificates and declarations as to suitability of premises
Order 70: Objections to the first grant of wine retailers’ on-licences
Order 71: Special exemption orders
Order 72: General exemption orders
Order 73: Exemptions for special events
Order 74: Exemptions for licensed business on Sunday afternoons and Saint Patrick’s Day
Order 75: Exemptions for unlicensed business on Sunday afternoons and Saint Patrick’s Day
Order 76: Occasional licences
Order 77: Ad-interim transfers of licences
Order 78: Transfers of licences held by nominees
Order 79: Certificates of transfer
Order 80: Objections to renewal of intoxicating liquor licences, forms of renewal certificate and recording of renewals of licences
Order 81: Annual Licensing Court
Order 82: Register of licences
Order 83: Registration of clubs, granting of club authorisations
Order 84: Child care
Order 84A: Mental Health Act, 2001
Order 85: Water disconnection rules
Order 86: Public dancing
Order 87: Public music and singing
Order 88: Street and house to house collections
Order 89: Wildlife
Order 90: Air navigation (Eurocontrol)
Order 90A: Railway infrastructure
Order 91: Control of dogs
Order 92: Fire services
Order 93: Housing (private rented dwellings)
Order 93A: Applications under the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act, 2009
Order 93B: Applications to Extend Time for Delivery of Annual Return Under Section 343 of the Companies Act 2014
Order 93C: Residential Tenancies Acts 2004 to 2016
Order 94: Irish nationality and citizenship
Order 95: Malicious injuries
Order 96: Protection of the environment and control of pollution
Order 96A: Food safety
Order 96B: Orders Concerning Retail Premises Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act, 2003 Criminal Justice (Psychoactive Substances) Act, 2010
Order 96C: Civil Orders under the Criminal Justice Act, 2006, Part II and Behaviour Orders under the Children Act, 2001, Part 12A
Order 97: Road traffic
Order 98: Social welfare
Order 99
Order 99A: Procedure Under: Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1997; Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014
Order 99B: Employment Equality Act, 1998 and Equal Status Act, 2000
Order 99C: Intellectual property
Order 100
Order 101: Appeals to the Circuit Court
Order 102: Cases stated
District Court Fees Order 2014